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Welcome to Omnilinguaphile!

Thanks for visiting my page! I have information here about language learning in general, and the specifics of foreign language acquisition and programming as well. It may seem odd to put Latin in the same blog as Java, it’s actually quite logical. Language is basically vocabulary and syntax, whether it’s a human language or a computer language.

Latin is actually quite similar to Java. There are strict rules regarding word formation patterns (declensions/conjugations and naming conventions). Other rules dictate how the words interrelate, and what can be placed next to what. Java is more restrictive about placement than Latin because Latin uses a complex system to show how words are related within a sentence. There are clauses in both. Punctuation is more critical in Java, but it’s still used in Latin (outside of the scripta continua used in some classical Latin). Instead of pronouns, we have data types; instead of proper names, we have variable names. In the place of verb phrases, we see methods and functions. There’s even a fair argument for equating some parameters with antecedents.

While I’m not a whole-hearted advocate of Universal Grammar (although I’m a fan of Chomsky), there are some very consistent patterns in language structure that apply not only to human language, but to programming languages as well. We need particular types of words to express or model particular types of ideas in the real world. It is a very human trait, which is why every one of us has learned at least one language to a high level of proficiency. There’s no reason that we can’t learn another, whether it’s French or SQL. It’s simply the representation of ideas in a meaningful way.

I’ll also be including some mnemonic techniques, interesting books, and other useful or entertaining bits and pieces along the way. There’s a lot of good resources available here, and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. My knowledge is limited but my curiosity is endless, so I’ll do my best to help you even if I don’t know the answer. Thanks again for visiting and feel free to contact me anytime.