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I love languages and this is the place where I will discuss my methods, my justifications, and all the entertaining things I’m up to in the realm of language acquisition. Recently, I’ve been expanding from foreign language acquisition into programming languages and logic.

You may notice that my site is not divided up by language and that’s because it would be too complicated to do that, and many topics apply to a wide variety of languages, or may directly discuss multiple languages in one post. I’m study about fourteen human languages right now and that number fluctuates a lot. (Add to that about a half a dozen computer languages at either beginning or intermediate level, and you can see why that’s not really a practical method of organization for me.)

Topics in foreign language acquisition or programming logic/purpose are my basis for organization. If you would like to see all the posts I’ve made about a particular language, just search for the language in question (I WILL ALWAYS TAG WITH THE LANGUAGE NAME).

For me, this site serves a dual purpose: it allows me to track my progress, as well as share my resources with anyone who may be interested. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.