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Although this blog was originally intended to be about foreign language acquisition and learning methods, life has recently taken me in a different direction. I’ve recently been presented with the opportunity to join a training program for java developers, which has rekindled a childhood interest in computer programming. After all, programming languages are still languages; they’re just used to communicate with computers as well as other people.

Computer languages, however, have one thing to offer which no other human language seems to have – a complete and utter lack of ambiguity. There’s only one way to read code. There’s still stylistic expressions, grace, and beautiful language (or, in cruder terms, there’s more than one way to skin a cat)… multiple approaches can yield the same result. But there’s only one way that a computer will execute code in a specific environment. Well-written code is clear, efficient, and unambiguous – lacking connotations, implied intentions, or biases – without any of that sticky syrup of confusion that is so innately a part of human communication.

So I’m taking a hiatus from my foreign language studies to focus on communication with our mechanical and digital companions, who become more prevalent every day. I will still be posting articles on foreign language from time to time, but I’m mostly going to work on building a solid collection of resources for programming languages and logic. Thanks for reading!